Divine Daytripper Freelance Travel Writer


Newfoundland, Canada

That’s a picture of me, the Divine Daytripper to the right, on the cover of Horizon and Company’s brochure. I am at the tip of the Great Northern Peninsula at Burnt Cape Ecological Reserve on the Canadian island of Newfoundland. 

The day was magic. Looking out over the horizon on my limestone perch I see Labrador 20 miles away. The gentle waves lap the cliffs. The ocean’s expanse is vast. This was the place where Leif Eriksson first discovered North America. Travel by sea and always keep sight of the land, he said. 

A soft breeze blows the warm air.  A cloud releases rain as if sprinkling powdered sugar on a cake. I feel like I am at the end of the world and yet at the beginning of a new world. 

Falling in love with Newfoundland is easy. There will never be enough tourists here to make this place a mecca. The people who do come here appreciate the isolation and raw, tender beauty of the land. All roads lead to the sea: there are streams, brooks, and rivers. 

Horizon and Company offers luxury trips to Newfoundland. To read more about the soulful journey I experienced, please visit: Earth to Humans